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About Me

A family owned nonprofit kitten rescue, we rehabilitate them in our home and they live with us until they are adopted. Our cats never see a cage of any kind, unless they are being transported. 

We don't place boundaries on where we travel, we go where needed so that cases are covered in a wider area.

Adoption fees will vary for the cats as their medical requirements can vary.
I have always had a love for felines even since early childhood. I would slip away from my house and go to the neighbours house if they had kittens, once even falling asleep with the kittens underneath a deck. I have always wondered why it is that people treat them as they do. They are tossed away, beaten abused, neglected. Some of the things I have seen are things that people should never have to see. I aim to change the lives of these felines as they clearly deserve much better. They are extremely loving, living beings who are often misunderstood.
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Lesa Belaire
Eganville, ON
K0J 1T0
[email protected]